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Welcome to the homepage of the Geometry and Quantum Theory (GQT) cluster.

GQT is a national Dutch mathematical research cluster funded by the Dutch Research Council NWO and the Universities of Amsterdam, Utrecht and Nijmegen.

We are currently witnessing a new episode of close contact at the frontiers of pure mathematics and fundamental physics, in which the autonomous development of geometry as a branch of pure mathematics is enriched by a remarkable flow of ideas from fundamental physics, notably quantum theory. The cluster supports research at the interface between mathematics and theoretical physics. An important secondary effect of the cluster will undoubtedly be the enhancement of the opposite flow as well. The present proposal focuses on the interplay between geometry, including algebraic, symplectic, and noncommutative geometry, and quantum theory, incorporating quantum field theory, string theory, and quantization.


March 11th - Mini-Workshop on Symplectic Geometry

April 4th - Gauge Theory and Noncommutative Geometry

April 8th - Workshop: The Big Picture (on the occasion of Jan Stienstra's retirement)


November 17th - Ph.D. position in symplectic geometry

October 8th - Vacancy for a full professor of Pure Mathematics (1,0 fte) at Radboud University.

September 1st - Ph.D. in Algebraic Geometry at Utrecht University

April 14th - Postdoctoral Researcher Mathematical Physics (1,0 fte)

January 20th - Several Ph.D. and PostDoc positions on the Vici project of Marius Crainic

November 17th - Assistant professor in algebra, geometry and mathematical physics at the University of Amsterdam


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Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry seminar

GA+GA seminar
Room 611 in the maths building, Utrecht

Geometry and Mathematical Physics
Universiteit van Amsterdam

String Seminar
UvA Amsterdam

Tensor products of Banach spaces

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