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c.o. C.F. Faber
Mathematisch Instituut
Postbus 80.010
3508 TA Utrecht

Email: info(symbol:at)gqt.nl


Carel Faber (UU)


t.b.a. (UU)
Erik Koelink (RU)
Hessel Posthuma (UvA)


Mathematisch Instituut
Universiteit Utrecht

Email: webmaster(symbol:at)gqt.nl

Requests for Financial Support

Workshops and conferences:
All requests for financial support should contain:

  • A description of the main theme of the meeting
  • A (provisional) list of invited speakers
  • A list of participants (especially names of PhD-students)
  • A detailed estimate of the costs and contributions from other sources;
  • If GQT is not the main organizer there is a maximum of euro 1500,- .

    Speakers for GQT-colloquia and GQT-seminars:
  • Name of speaker, estimation of travel and subsistence costs
  • For research visits of longer periods:
  • Name of speaker, estimation of travel and subsistence costs
  • Other sponsors; and their contribution to the budget
  • Financial support should be requested in advance
  • for meetings: at least 4 months in advance
  • for speakers: at least 1 month in advance
  • Requests should contain a pdf-file including all requested information.
    Requests should be sent to the Director at info(symbol:at)gqt.nl