Geometry and Quantum Theory (GQT)


The GQT colloquium takes place on the final two days, January 21 and 22, and consists of six research talks. These are attended by Ph.D. students, members of the GQT staff, and visitors from abroad. We aim at organizing research talks which feature topics covered during the school, though some of the talks are unrelated. Due to the large number of new GQT members, this edition will feature talks by some our new members.

Speakers: Annegret Burtscher (Nijmegen), Álvaro del Pino Gómez (Utrecht), Mikhail Isachenkov (UvA), Magdalena Kedziorek (Nijmegen), Diletta Martinelli (UvA), Marta Pieropan (Utrecht)


Note: all talks will be on Zoom and coffee breaks will take place on gathertown. The Zoom coordinates will be send via the GQT e-mail list. During the breaks we will meet on gathertown.

This is a platform where you can walk around and gather in little groups to have informal discussions, just like during a normal coffee break (without the coffee unfortunately).

Thursday 21 January

9:30-10:15: – Magdalena Kedziorek
10:30-11:15: – Marta Pieropan
11:30 -12:15: – Álvaro del Pino Gómez

Friday 22 January
9:30-10:15: – Diletta Martinelli
10:30-11:15: – Annegret Burtscher
11:30 -12:15: – Mikhail Isachenkov